Mary Kuhn, Democrat for Onondaga County Legislature District 7

Equality, Transparency, Justice

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About Me


I am a first-term County Legislator representing District 7 and am running for reelection.  My district includes a large part of Dewitt, a portion of East Syracuse, parts of the Northside, and a sliver of the University section of the City. Here are some details about me:


  • My husband and I raised our 2 sons in the city before moving to Dewitt a decade ago

  • I came from the Bronx to Syracuse to attend LeMoyne college and have stayed in the city ever since

  • I received my Master's degree in Social Work from Syracuse University, and have been an Adjunct Professor of Social Work at the University as well 

  • Prior to being a legislator, I worked for over 25 years as a clinician and Director of the Child and Adolescent Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

  • I have also been a small business owner, having had a private clinical practice in Armory Square

  • I’ve worked with Contact Community Services, appearing on weekend radio shows (Teen Talk and Parenting Matters)

  • As a legislator and Onondaga resident, I've volunteered with the League of Women Voters, Jewish Family Services/Meals on Wheels, the CNY Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition, Onondaga Votes, as well as being on the Board of ArtRage Gallery  



 On the Legislature:


Criminal Justice 

  - This Spring, Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order regarding Police reform. I am the Chair of a subcommittee exploring alternatives to the police response to non-criminal calls, many of which involve the mentally ill. 

  -  I was a proud co-sponsor of Legislator Williams’ resolution condemning police brutality following the murder of George Floyd.

  - I have voted against the call to repeal the Bail Reform measure one month after it was passed by the NYS Legislature and before sufficient data had been gathered to evaluate its efficacy.


-  The only local law passed this term, initiated by Democrats, was one that I sponsored. It is Open C-PACE (eicpace.org) which provides long-term alternative financing to fund clean energy projects. 

  - I have voted against the imposition of the regressive energy tax the County levied right as this pandemic was taking shape and unemployment was on the rise. 

Health and Social Services

  - I have cosponsored amendments to the 2021 budget to increase staff at the Department of Social Services and the Health Department, both providing essential services during this pandemic. This was defeated by Republican Legislators

Transparency and Redistricting

  - I have cosponsored a local law to provide complete transparency for committee meetings and legislative sessions (blocked by Republican Legislators).  

  - I have voted for a local law calling for independent citizen-led redistricting following the 2020 census to prevent the gerrymandering of district lines (defeated by Republican opposition) 

  - I have voted against providing additional monies for highly paid managers and political appointees. The essential workers in our County, those providing direct services to our citizens, have consistently been asked to do more with less. There are almost 40% fewer line item workers employed by the County while management positions have almost doubled. 


  - I have sponsored a resolution honoring the work of the Jewish Federation in building a thriving Jewish Community and for honoring and remembering the victims of the Holocaust.

My Mission: I want to continue to represent and fight for the citizens of this County, to provide you with the transparency you deserve and a local government that represents all. I hope you will help me do this by contributing to my campaign.

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